I was born July 25, 2007. I live in a little house in the woods with my Gibby (Kimberly), my Gakee (Ed), my cats Buffy & Jinx, and my dog Pippi!

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June 27-July 18, we spent traveling to Virginia then to Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, to see Estela, Göran, Isabella and Freja. Each link below brings up a gallery, some with lots of pictures and some just a few. There are a lot of photos of sweet kids and beautiful scenery!

On June 27, we took the LONG drive to Oakton, Virginia, where we saw Rebekah, Shane and Madeline. On June 28, we took an even longer flight from Washington DC to Stockholm, Sweden, going through Copenhagen, Denmark.

On June 30, after spending the night in Stockholm, we drove another long drive to Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, where Estela, Göran, Isabella and Freja live.

On July 1, after spending our first night at the Sjöström's house, we went to downtown Övik (in search of a toy store) and had fun visiting!

On July 2, we visited some more and discovered a park with a zip line very close to their house!

On July 3, we had more visiting and chased an ice cream truck. We were still trying to recover from jet lag.

On July 4, Caden and Ed put on their U.S. flag shirts and we celebrated the Fourth of July by driving north and exploring the Västerbottens Museum (a folk museum) in Umeå. We found our northernmost geocache in Bygdeå at a beautiful church and Caden discovered he really does like pizza.


On July 5-6, more visiting, more playing.

On July 7, we visited Göran's mother, Maud, at her nice little house in the country. She fixed us a fabulous meal and we felt like it was Thanksgiving.

On July 8, we went to the museum in Övik where Caden and Isabella did art projects. We also went to the city park, which is an amazing place.

On July 9, we rested and visited, and on July 10, we went to the Nätra Marknad, an outdoor market (with a kids' play area and bouncy houses).

On July 11, we drove south. We had lunch in a little coastal village called Bönhamn, then we went to a rocky beach at Rotsidan.

On July 12, we went to Skuleskogens Nationalpark, then to a replica iron-age village recreated on the site of a real village. Then, we had visitors at the Sjöström's house.

On July 13, we went to another rocky beach called Skeppsmalen. This one was so rocky, it was like bouldering to get to the water. We had more visitors and more playtime.

On July 14, more visiting and playing. July 15, we left the Sjöström's house to drive back to Stockholm. We spent one night, flew back through Copenhagen, spent another night in Virginia, then the long drive home.

We spent a few days on Jekyll Island in June 2015.

On April 8, we went to Bradenton, Florida to attend a memorial service for Uncle Jim Brown. While there, we had a little beach time, and we went on the Mixon Farms tour (Mixon Farms is a Bradenton orchard that Uncle Jim used to always send us oranges from).

For my 7th birthday, I had three parties!

In early June, we went to Jekyll Island.

A new slideshow set to music! Turn your speakers up and enjoy! (Works best on Google Chrome.)

For our annual anniversary/honeymoon trip, we went to Columbia S.C. and Wilmington N.C.

Christmas was a lot of fun!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Virginia to see Becky, Shane and Madeline.

I had a lot of fun Halloween 2013!

For my sixth birthday, I had three parties!

Vacation in Florida!

Graduated from pre-K...in the fall, kindergarten!

May 16 - an end of year party at Early Steps...next, graduation!

Easter 2013. We welcomed an Easter baby, my cousin Madeline!

On March 9, We had a baby shower for Becky, Shane, and my new cousin, Madeline!

For Gibby & Gakee's anniversary, we went to Alabama!

Christmas 2012!!

On Oct. 26-28, we went to Thomasville to see Cory, Preston & Harrison. Cousin time is fun!

I've been having a lot of fun this fall! Click on the picture to see some highlights.

On Sept. 2, we went to a family baby shower for my new cousin, baby Sjostrom!

In honor of my fifth birthday, Gibby created a slideshow of my first five years, set to music (a medley of instrumentals by Seven Nations). Click on the picture on the right to start the show (and turn your speakers up!)

On July 25, I turned 5 years old! We had a small party on that day. Click the picture to see many more pictures.

On July 28, we had a much bigger party! Click the picture to see many more pictures.